[MUD-Dev] Payment Transaction Processing

Gary Whitten gary at undiscoveredworlds.com
Thu Mar 11 06:51:22 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

So what systems have people found easiest to integrate into their
billing modules?

I'm really only looking to do check or credit card and so I've
looked at people like CCBill and Verotel but largely those types of
organizations aren't very flexible with their payment amounts.  You
get one or two choices and that's it.  Having flexible billing
amounts is important to me such as having 3 or 4 different amounts
for different # of months paid.  I've also been looking at other
ways to possibly get additional revenue that may add something to
the balance to be billed out.

Anyhow, experience and word of mouth is a great advertiser so I'd
love to hear what other people have done.


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