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mark mark at pandapocket.com
Fri Mar 12 22:13:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

Jester wrote:

> The only problem (if I understand your definition correctly) is a
> killer who (knowing the system) bashes 95% of the victims
> hit-points out can then breaks off from combat and run off to do
> it to someone else, leaving their victim with possibly a very long
> wait before they are fit to play again (or spending lost of cash
> on potions to get back in the game quickly).

I suggest that the following is the solution to this problem: The
attacker shall be labeled A, and the unconsenting victim V.

A can gain the "murderer" flag in more than one way:

  1) a limit L number of attacks (perhaps 5)

    This should is so that A can stop attacking V if it is
    accidental.  Even if the probability of accidental attack is
    exceedingly low...

  2) a limit D in amount of damage (perhaps 20%)

    This is because A damaged V sufficiently to merit some
    punishment.  It may be appropriate to make these first two an
    "assault" flag instead of murderer.

  3) actually murdering V

    This is the trivial case.

I suggest a parallel, and perhaps replacement, system.  Griefers
tend to be repeat offenders.  Thus, I suggest that there be a limit
to the ability of a player to be such and individual.

Every individual has a "Griefer" amount.  So we'll call A's Griefer
G.  So there should be various things that increase G:

  1) Every attack on V

    This should probably be limited to some maximum per combat.
    We'll call this amount L1.  If this weren't limited per combat,
    then it would be possible that a single event would be
    catastrophic to A.

  2) Every percent damage on V

    This is naturally limited to 100 per combat.  This is
    specifically here to prevent powerful characters from hitting
    someone for 90% damage and getting away almost free.

  3) Murdering V

    This is an additional penalty for murdering someone.  This is
    probably optional, since it is almost covered in the previous
    two rules.  However, I would include it because there is a
    general discontent with being killed.  The total amount for a
    murderous event would be: G+=100+L1+M

  4) Buffing any mobile not owned by a benign institution

    This would penalize A for murdering V indirectly.  Examples
    would include buffing every goblin in the fort, and making V
    die, and similar events.  It should be noted that "governments"
    are benign, and buffing a city guard might be allowable.

  5) Killing mobiles that are significantly lower in level

    This penalizes A for depriving V of "leveling power".  I'm of
    the opinion that this is a lesser crime, but still is a crime,
    and was brought up in earlier discussion.

This system could be extended much further, obviously.  With a
simple increment in a few key places, and a table of penalty values,
griefing could be cut quickly by automatically disabling a griefer's

Naturally, people shouldn't be penalized for something that happened
long ago, so G should decrease gradually to allow for the idea of

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