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Nathan Yospe nyospe at mac.com
Mon Mar 15 18:59:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 2004

On Mar 11, 2004, at 3:48 PM, Mike Rozak wrote:
> Malcolm W. Tester II wrote:

>> is the type of person who codes it.  And in general, it seems
>> Americans are lazier about it.  I am an American, so I have a
>> right to call us lazy :) Both of the parsers in these muds were
>> written by other nationalitys.  One was by a German guy, the
>> other was by a Swedish guy.  Both are based off the original lp
>> 2.4.5.  Could they

> Speaking of other languages, does anyone have experience with GOOD
> parsers that work with languages whose grammar/origin is very
> different from English? (Has anyone ever tried?)

> For example: Japanese (3 character sets, no spaces, verb at end,
> enter text with an IME), Chinese (2 character sets, no spaces,
> enter text with an IME), Arabic (non-Roman character set, enter
> text with an IME, ???), or even Finnish (which I've been told
> likes to combine verbs and nouns, or something of the sort). The
> Inform designers guide discusses porting to English's cousins like
> French and German, but not the more distant language groups.

It's not cheap, or appropriate for the faint of heart, but check out
Inxight's LinguistX (http://www.inxight.com/products/oem/linguistx/)
for a complete licensed solution...

Look under the features link.  And see the supported languages under
technical specifications.
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